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- Registration for Relationship Management Course of 8 sessions (2 Months)
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Counselling for Behavioural issues :

At Aashirvad, we also deal with behavioral issues like thumb-sucking, bed-wetting, ADHD , sexual abuse, destructive mentality in children.

And in adults we help people deal with issues like ADD, aggression, impulse control, confidence building, social interaction phobias and so many…

To broaden our area of concern, We give sessions to help children with specific developmental, social problems. Also who may be experiencing special concerns that resulted from societal problems such as divorce, death, abuse, homelessness, alcoholism..

Two types of counseling is given to these children. First type is Remedial counseling. This is offered to those children who are already affected and are showing some anti-social, abnormal or unacceptable behavior patterns.

And Preventive counseling is given to those kids who are prone to these problematic issues as they are the direct victims of broken family, divorce or any social incident.

The therapies we are implying as a treatment are prominently REBT and CBT.










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- Depression

- Extra-marital Affairs

- Academics and expectations
   from kids

- Coping difficulties of teens


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