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Career Counselling:


Developing a career is a process, not just a destination. Unfortunately, not enough attention is paid to the developmental process required to engage in thoughtful, thorough career development. Many students are confronted with substantial career and life decisions at an early age with limited opportunities for career exploration.

We at Aashirvad, conduct different psychometric tests which help candidates to clarify their goals and assist them in decision-making process. An individual counseling session and the interpretations of scores from these tests give them a proper self-understanding,like their capabilities, interests, attitudes, and approaches. Generally people create career patterns as they make decisions about education, work, family and other life roles.

If a career chosen is not giving you job-satisfaction then you tend to get frustrate very soon. So it is very important to select a career path which will give you good monetary returns as well as work satisfaction. Apt career choice will ultimately results into overall personality growth and sense of being happy.
















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