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What is Emotional Literacy...

EMOTIONAL LITERACY is the ability to recognize, understand and appropriately express our emotions. Just as verbal literacy is the basic building-block for reading and writing, emotional literacy is the basis for perceiving and communicating emotions. Becoming emotionally literate is learning the alphabet, grammar and vocabulary of our emotional lives.

Emotions are an integral part of human nature. Through emotions we respond to life in many different ways -- with anger, happiness, fear, love and loneliness. Emotions influence our thoughts and actions; they inspire our needs; they affect our bodies and impact on our relationships.

In simple words becoming aware of your emotions is Emotional Literacy. In today’s competitive world if you want to be most effective, then it is very essential to be aware of your emotions and how they influence your thoughts and actions. Emotions are the one who directs you through your thinking and behavior.

Our biological potential for sensing and feeling emotions is huge but we have been socialized to regard logic as valuable and emotion is not. As a child you were told: "Stop that crying, there’s nothing wrong with you". And in the work place you were trained to "leave your emotions at the door". We were told that emotions cloud decision-making. It is not emotion that clouds decision-making but the misuse of emotion that blocks our thinking.

It is been proved that emotional intelligence is core requirement for successful and effective living. People who deal with emotions in a positive way find tremendous benefit. Emotional Literacy can contribute to health, to positive relationships, to success, and to quality of life.

Emotional Literacy is universally relevant. It can benefit every individual, every organization, and every profession. It has the capacity to transform each person and their relationships. Emotional Literacy is a key to living a full rich life. It is basic to joy and enthusiasm for living and fundamental to you ability to love and be loved.

We at Aashirvad, conduct training work-shops and sessions to develop emotional intelligence in adults and kids as well. We have observed that today’s challenging environment is influencing negatively on children’s emotional health. So there’s an urgent need to have a systematic approach for equipping parents, teachers and others with scientific knowledge about the biology of emotions and their role in children’s emotional growth and development.

Emotional literacy training is a tool to empower ourselves with the knowledge to enhance emotional growth, which can be resulted into the optimized four dimensional , i.e. Intellectual, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual growth.





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