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Pre Marital Counseling:

Marriage is a task which needs great sense of responsibility. One has to get prepared for marriage as it involves two persons. Couples considering committing to one another in a long-term union such as marriage may benefit from exploring their relationship issues (or potential issues) prior to making a long-term commitment.

At Aashirvad, we help these would-be couples to know where they stand on the compatibility meter for each other.

Marital relationship needs proper foundation to yield proper returns.

The early stages of a relationship, when the feelings you have for your partner are usually positive, is the ideal time to become more conscious and intentional in the ways you interact and work together. Counseling can give you insights into where your particular relationship dynamics might be heading in the wrong direction.

Premarital counseling is an opportunity to explore the complexities of your partnership and set yourselves up for a satisfying future together. There is often an educational aspect to premarital counseling, so that you can learn better communication skills and how to negotiate conflict so that you can resolve your differences in a way that actually strengthens your connection. We at Aashirvad, help couples learn new skills and perspective which needs to resolve future potential conflicts.

Post-Marital Counseling:

There are times after marriage when many couples realize that there are disagreements and differences more than they had expected in their married relationship. They become clue-less about how to resolve these unsettling conflicts when communications takes the shape of confrontations. So Couples come to treatment because they are unhappy, usually because they have been unsuccessful at resolving their conflicts. They therefore have either disengaged emotionally because of their differences, or have become overly argumentative.

We at Aashirvad, recommend them a couple therapy with certain goals after discussing their issues in detail with them. We help the couple to solve issues before they tear at the fabric of their deepest bonds of trust and intimacy. Couples counseling is about helping the couple communicate better and understand what is going on.

Couples therapy accomplishes the set objectives so that the couple can enjoy a collaborative (no more fighting), affectionate (including sexually intimate), long-lasting and long-loving partnership.

We apply different techniques and varied questionnaire’s to know, to understand and to help couples resolve their marital issues.






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