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Relationship Management Course of 2 Month


                                     Duration : 2 months

                                             Session : 8


What is this course is all about:

Relationships are central to your health and wellbeing. Supportive and healthy relationships also correspond to decreased levels of trauma, increased effectiveness in the workplace, and higher functioning teams. For this reason, relationship with oneself and with others is a key topic that we address in this course.

It is very difficult to work effectively if one's mind is clouded with personal problems. Worry and lack of concentration results in low productivity and under achievements. Recognising stress or anxiety at early stage is the first most effective step for healthy physical as well as mental health.

This course will guide you in resolving specific problems, day-to-day emotional transactions , making decisions, coping with crisis, and overall improving relationships with others.
This counselling course is not designed to turn out full-time qualified counsellors, but will enable delegates to learn the skills of counselling and put them into practise during their everyday life.

This course consists of eight sessions with full of interactive games, discussions and role-play.

We are very sure, that once you complete this course you all will be able to handle your own relationships very successfully as well you can guide others for the same.


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Points to be covered in 2 months course...

- Day-to-day emotional transactions
- Making decisions
- Coping with crisis
- Coping with stress
- Improving relationship at all fronts

Day-to-day emotional transactions :

Different situations:

1.Dealing with in-laws
2.Communication with teens or young children
3.Communication with a partner or a spouse regarding some tricky issue
4.Expression of any negative emotion in front of anybody
5.How to put our personal views and opinions in effective way.

Making decisions :

Different Situations:

1. Choosing a job or a life partner
2. Household decisions
3. Choosing school or college for our child
4. Any important decision regarding career, life or any person

Coping with crisis :

1.Financial crisis
2.Family crisis
3.Emotional Crisis

Coping with Stress :

1.Result of children
2.Stress of appraisel
3.Stress of completing task or expectations from others
4.Stress about any decision

Improving Relationships :

1.Clear and transperant communication
2.Building a bridge between expectations and understanding
3.Know your capabilities and capacities and accept it positively.
4.Not being pushy, how to put your views and ideas


> CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE FOR Relationship Management Course of 2 Month





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